Silvia Pelissero aka Agnes-Cecile (Italy) - Drawing Restraint, 2010 Paintings: Black Ink, Watercolors

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Samantha Wall (b. 1977, Seoul, South Korea) - A Clarion Call, 2012 Drawings: Graphite, Sumi Ink on Paper

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Illustrations by Dan May website l tumblr

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I wanna Surf! by Donna Anderson

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nicolas reusens photographs the hummingbirds who visit his backyard (see also: previous bird posts)

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Dani Soon


<Thumbelina series> is personal project for Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale ‘Thumbelina’ using Korean folk painting ‘Minhwa민화’ style. 
 The objective of <Thumbelina series> is combine East and West, old and new.
Characteristic of Minhwa is blank space and flat figures. For <Thumbelina series> project, such features were illustrated and digitized. Minhwa’s figures(such as rock, water, fish, flower, Etc)are mythical symbol of wishing good luck, happiness and long life. This figures were used to illustrate the fairy tale story.

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